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Thanks you for purchasing Pretty S3 Files Manager it's designed to help people can manage Amazon S3 Cloud Files at their own hosting in just some easy steps and don't need to login to Cloud when they want to manage/change something there. Some of support features will be listed below so you can track, a better feature we are currently developing and will release in next build, by the way don't hesitate to contact us and provide your idea to help us improve it, that would be appreciated and we always have awards for the good idea!


What news in this release :

  • Fully Ajax Support
  • Support multiple buckets, manage/create bucket
  • Manage/create folder
  • Support manage folders/sub-folder and permissions
  • Ajax file upload directly to S3
  • Manage/add/delete file also multiple file selection
  • Manage object/file properties and permissions
  • Administrative login security


License agreement

Pretty S3 Files Manager is developed under Amazon S3 API V3 and GNU license, by purchasing this software you are allowed to copy and install it into your system and using it according to your purpose. You are not allowed to re-public it under another purpose by modifying code and rename it to your own, we will remove all supporting services if system detects that you do an unauthorized stuff.

As our customers we will do the best to support you. Thanks you!

System requirement check


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Amazon S3 Settings:


Don't know to obtain Amazon S3 Cloud App Key and Secret? Follow this instruction .

Important: Please choose the correct region which you registered at Amazon S3 Service. If you use a region other than the US East (N. Virginia) endpoint to create a bucket, you must set the LocationConstraint bucket parameter to the same region.

Click connect button above to list available bucket.
Choose a bucket and set it for default launching at Dashboard. You can change it later too at setting page.

Account Login Settings:

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Congratulation! All configurations had been set and ready to launch the application now.

Keep in safe your login information below:


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Process to Dashboard

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